New App Helps Assist With Favors You May Need


Remember how back in the day we would knock on our neighbors door to ask for a cup of sugar and what not? Seems like nowadays we're a little more shy to do that. Well, now there's an APP for that! 

Chummy is an app that allows people to ask for help with things they may need – whether it’s borrowing a cat carrier, renting a car spot for a month, moving houses, or searching for a lost pet. Other people who are using the app in the community can see the post and offer up their own assistance. 

I think its such a great app. I just signed up but haven't asked for help just yet but I can't wait to use it! 

Since the app was launched in 2016, there are now almost 65,000 users and almost 25,000 “thank yous” issued for completed help requests. Peep the explanation video above!



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