Little Girl Orders $350 Worth of Toys on Amazon


When 6-year-old Katelyn Lunt took advantage of her parent’s Amazon account, they knew exactly what to do with the $350 worth of toys that arrived two days later.

Katelyn Lunt watched her mother order a purple Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow Cove Fairy Doll from the internet and quickly learned how to do it herself! 

When Katelyn's mother Catherine walked away from the computer, Katelyn spotted all of the Barbie related products and add-ons that were just a few clicks away. A few minutes later, $350 worth of toys were being prepared for delivery.

After recieving all the toys just 2-days later, Katelyn’s dad had an idea – why not turn his daughter’s bad deed into a lesson in kindness?

When Katelyn was just an infant, she suffered a seizure and a stroke that caused her to lose 5% of her brain mass.So instead of returning the orders like they had originally intended, the parents told their daughter to bring the toys to the Primary Children’s Hospital as a thank you for saving Katelyn’s life as an infant. 



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