Are Crackers Really Made of Plastic? Watch This Test Video


What are we really eating? 

How many times have we heard people tell us "don't eat this or don't eat that because it causes cancer"? I know I can speak for myself when I say I've heard that way to often about way too many foods nowadays. This is a good example of what some of the foods we consume, look like.

Granted, these are crackers out of Mexico but just imagine how many products we've purchased that are this bad? 

In this video these people are showing you how the popular crackers are basically made out plastic. To prove their point they put it to the test by lighting it on fire and it doesn't take long to see that it starts burning like plastic. They also said that it literally smells like burned plastic. How scary is this? Who know what other items are REALLY made of. 

Now more than ever, we must really watch what we eat.



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