Tyga Speaks About Kylie And How He Helped Her During Their Relationship


Last night Nicki Minaj went live for another episode of her radio show on Beats 1, #QueenRadio.  Throughout the night Nicki called a few friends and interviewed them live on air. During the interview her good fellow rapper friend Tyga, Nicki asked if he missed his ex Kylie Jenner, to which he simply replied “Nah, I’m good, love. Enjoy.”  When asked about his role in helping her achieve all the success she has, he did say he played a big role in helping her accomplish a lot during their time together. Even helping her with her famous 'Lip Kit'.  Tyga did a good job at answering the questions truthfully and respectfully. I don't think he came off as a bitter ex at all, even giving her and her man props. 

The internet is going to do what it does best and try to make this interview the complete opposite of what it actually is. I took nothing negative from this interview yet as you can see from the title of this youtube video, it's painted out to be negative. However, I am only sharing it because its the only youtube video I found with the full interview on it.


In case you don't understand what she was talking about when she was referring to Travis Scott, here is a video of the recent beef between Nicki and Travis Scott.



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