WTF! LOL! K. Michelle Tells Weird Tweking Chick To GTFO


K. Michelle has been dealing with some interesting interruptions lately from a weird neighbor.

The past few days, a woman she doesn’t know has been showing up at her door and ringing the bell, standing outside with a pen and a clipboard. On the most recent occasion, she stood in the vestibule outside the front door, flashing a peace sign and twerking. What she didn’t know was K. Michelle had a doorbell-slash-security camera that allowed her to record the mystery woman and to talk to the woman from her phone. She barked, “Get the [eff] off my porch,” at which point the young woman booked it to a golf cart she'd parked out front and sped off. 

K. Michelle posted the video to Instagram with a hilarious caption about the whole saga. She wrote, “I don’t know who this lady is that keeps ringing my doorbell every day! We don’t want none of what you selling. I had to be the voice of reason… Don’t disrespect my house little bo peep! Don’t come back either!... I’m not mad though I was playing wit her. I was in tears laughing! She didn’t know where that voice was coming from!"



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