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Chris Brown's Accuser Tells Her Side Of The Story


Chris Brown is free to leave Paris but he has one important matter of business to take care of first and that involves suing the woman who accused him of rape.

The singer denied a woman's claim that he and two others sexually assaulted her in a hotel room last week and prosecutors released him without filing charges, although an investigation is ongoing. Brown has called the allegation "a whole lot of crap" and insists the woman is lying. He is now suing her for defamation. (TMZ)


The woman who accused Chris Brown of sexual assault is speaking out.

The alleged victim, under the pseudonym Karima, has detailed what went down to the French outlet Closer. She says she and few others went with Breezy to a nightclub and eventually returned to his suite at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Paris. She says she turned him down at first, but he talked her into it, so she went into the room with Brown, his team and another woman. 

Before they entered, she says a bodyguard took everyone’s phone. Upon entry, she saw a party with 15 other women, drinks and cocaine. When she tried to go to the restroom, Brown followed her, grabbed her arm, led her into a dressing room and raped her. She says the encounter was brutal and violent, and even once it was over, she wasn’t allowed to leave. She says that after Breezy was finished, two other men, including his bodyguard, had their way with her. 

The Closer interview states:

" Closer: How did you manage to get out? Karima: I said that I had to go to bed, that I had classes the next day. I cried. When he saw me like that, he returned my cell phone and I left."

Click HERE to read the full interview

Another source disputes the victim’s account, saying she and Brown were never alone in the same room together. 

And a woman on Instagram by the name of Kim Ford has come forward to deny rumors that she's the one who accused the singer. 

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