Details From The HBO documentary 'Leaving Neverland' Were Very Disturbing


The allegations made by Wade Robson and James Safe chuck in the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland are shocking and disturbing. Skip to 2:23 .

Both men accusedMichael Jacksonof brainwashing them and sexually abusing them as early as age seven. The singer designed the Neverland Ranch so that his master bedroom was down a hallway featuring a few doors and “multiple locks and bells.” Nobody could surprise him while he was in bed with young boys.

According to James Safechuck, he was forced by Jackson to practice getting dressed without making a noise so not to get caught, just in case somebody walked into Michael Jackson’s hotel room. Their secret code in public was to scratch the others’ hand to signal they were feeling horny.

Safechuck claimed he was just seven years old when French kissing with Michael Jackson evolved into “kissing all over the body” and escalated into oral sex. At age seven!

Wade Robson described a bizarre sex scene. He alleged Michael Jackson became aroused looking at the boys’ butt. One time, Robson jumped on all fours on the master bed with his booty high in the air. As Michael pleasured himself, a huge cutout of Peter Pan stared Robson in the face. (The New York Times)



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