FINALLY Someone Explains The Weird Ending To The 'Us' Movie


If you asked yourself "Why did the movie leave so many mysteries unexplained?" after watching 'Us' , you are not alone!

DISCLAIMER: This video is a BIGGO spoiler so if you have not watched the movie, stop reading the rest of this blog and definitely do not watch the video attached to this!

I came across this video on YouTube that answered all the questions I had that had left me scratching my head after watching the movie. In this video, Erik Voss breaks down the real story of the "Tethers" in the Us film. What was their master plan? What is the significance of the recurring bible verse and Hands Across America? Why do the Tethers use scissors? What other characters could have secretly been Tethers swapped with their real selves? What clues did Jordan Peele hide throughout Us to foreshadow the final reveal? What is the deeper meaning of the film? All that and more! Peep the video above!



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