Meghan Markle Sex Tape Allegedly Being Shopped! WATCH THIS!


The biggest scandal to shake the British Royal Family is about to blow wide open. The whispers are true about a Meghan Markle sex tape.

The celebrity blog Crazy Days and Nightsposted this weekend, “That a sex tape of Meghan Markle exists has been confirmed by a broker, who has seen the video.”

The broker is a former porn producer.Kevin Blatt described inYour Mom’s Housepodcasthow he received a call from a woman in Canada and she told him, “A photographer sent me a video of a model or actress four years ago. It shows her in oral sex.”

Blatt had a hand in negotiating the release or confiscation of home videos of Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Jennifer Lopez. He refused to get involved with a member of the royal family. Blatt deleted from his phone the screengrabs and video clips of Meghan’s sex tape. He said, "I know what I saw. It's true. I can show you the e-mail traffic.” (Express, Germany)



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