Sniffing Pleasant Odors Shown to Decrease Cigarette Cravings


One of the hardest things for a smoker to do is STOP smoking. Whether they try the gum method or the patch, it's hard to fight the urge. Deliberately inhaling a pleasant aroma may be enough to reduce the urge to light up, at least temporarily, and could be used as part of an effective smoking cessation strategy.

“Despite disappointing relapse rates, there have been few new approaches to smoking cessation in general and to craving relief in particular,” said lead author Michael Sayette, PhD, of the University of Pittsburgh. “Using pleasant odors to disrupt smoking routines would offer a distinct and novel method for reducing cravings, and our results to this end are promising.”

The research, which was conducted by the American Psychological Association, was published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology.



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