Queen Naija Reveals Her New Body in Post Op Video


One of the many reasons why I love me some Queen Naija is her realness. Queen has always been a real one in my opinion. Recently she went into surgery for a tummy tuck and BBL and she decided to share her one week post op update with her fans on youtube. Needless to say the cruel internet world let her have it. Damn if you do, damn if you don't right? Had she not been this open about her surgery people would have called her fake and who knows what else for not revealing the details about her new body enhancements yet, here she is being an open book to her followers and still people have something to be mad about HER BODY. Ugh! Anyway, I love that she DGAF about what the nay sayers have to say about her and still chose to explain her process because shes showing the world that shes human! By the way, I think her body looks AMAZING with her new enhancements and people really need to GTFO!



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