Tekashi Shows and Tells in New York Court


Tekashi 6ix9inerevealed a lot of details about his former gang associates in court on Tuesday.

In the rapper’s first day of testimony, he broke down the structure and operations of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods, and his role within the organization.

He pointed out the men who allegedly kidnapped him and showed the court how to do the gang's handshake. He also revealed that he decided to cooperate with prosecutors just a day after the gang was hit with racketeering charges. 

Other hightlghts included:

  • Tekashi revealed how he only made a couple thousand dollars for a tour of Eastern Europe in 2017. 
  • He says he asked a friend of his former manager, who he knew to be connected with the Nine Trey Bloods, to get some gang members to appear in the “Gummo” video wearing red. 
  • Tekashi revealed that “Gummo” was a diss track aimed atTrippie Redd, who he ID’d as a member of the Five Nine Brims Blood set. He says they had a rivalry based on being signed to the same label. 
  • He says he was was able to skip the gang’s normal initiation process by making money for the gang through his music. In return, he says he got “my career. Street credibility. Protection. All of it.” 
  • He says the gang consisted of a “prison lineup” and a “street lineup” with specific hierarchies in each. (Complex)



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