Aaron Carter Accuses Brother Nick Carter Of Rape


The drama with the Carter brothers is getting crazier and crazier. Last week Nick Carter filed a restrainer order on Aaron because he claims he was threathening to hurt Nick's pregnant wife. (FULL STORY HERE)


Yesterday, Aaron Carter took to Instagram to accuse Nick Carter of rape.

His instagram caption said " Hey@fbimy brother raped Mildred and told me in confidence in his pick up truck she was 91 years old and my brother told me he covered her mouth so no one could hear her scream. Put me on a polygraph machine please@fbimy mother knows she was taking care of two elderly women who were on hospice Mildred and opal who my mother was keeping alive.@fbiwhat are you gonna do about that!? NOTHING! ? I’m REPORTING A RAPE FROM NICK ON SN ELDERLY WOMEN WHO WAS DYING AND WAS 91 that he raped. Strap nick up to a polygraph machine and a really good one please.@fbi "



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