RUMOR ALERT: Kanye West Allegedly Dating Supermodel Irina Shayk

Rumor has it that Kanye West is ALLEGEDLY dating supermodel Irina Shayk, aka the ex and mother of Bradley Coopers child.

According to Daily Mail, the rumorinitially started when an anonymous source wrote in to popular Instagram celebrity blind account called “DeuxMoi”.

The sources are definitely not credible but according to the site, they are currently looking into it. So far they have only updated the information by saying, “After further looking into this, I don't know if 'dating' is the right word, but there is perhaps some interest there.”

Om thing we know for sure is Kanye and Irina have known each other for quite some time. In Kanye’s 2010 music video for "Power", Irina was the only female in the video. He even raped about her in his song ‘Christian Dior Denim Flow’.

This seems to just be a rumor for now but it’s definitely got the fans reacting to it on social media. Peep the TikTok Video.

For more details, check out this article.