WATCH: MGK and Connor McGreger Got Into A Scuffle At The VMA's

Machine Gun Kelly got into a little scuffle on the red carpet at last night's (Sunday)MTV Video Music Awards with someone you don't really wants to mix it up with -- Irish mixed martial arts fighter Conor McGregor.

No one seems to know exactly how or why the tussle began. TMZ reported on the scrum, at first quoting sources who said MGK had refused McGregor's request to pose for a photo with him, words were exchanged and Kelly pushed McGregor backwards making him spill some of his drink, and he then threw the remainder of it at Kelly. MGK's girlfriend, actress Megan Fox, reportedly got involved, too, possibly as a peacemaker, before security for both parties whisked all the participants away.

In updates later, though, McGregor's rep was quoted as saying McGregor hadn't asked anyone to take a photo with him. TMZ then offered an alternate scenario, reporting that McGregor had wanted to say hello to MGK but had been pushed out of the way by the actor-musician's security people.

McGregor has been walking with the aid of a cane since he broke his tibia during his last fight, with Dustin Poirer in July. He reportedly swung the cane at MGK during the altercation, but did not hit him, nor did the two actually make contact during the melee.

Afterwards, in an interview withEntertainment Tonight, McGregor said he doesn’t know Machine Gun Kelly, that nothing happened and that he only fights "real fighters," and certainly not "little vanilla boy rappers." 

MGK performed "Papercuts" with Travis Barker during the VMAs, while McGregor presented an award to Justin Bieber.

Here is what they had to say when they were asked about their little scuffle...

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