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DaBaby and DaniLeigh Get Into Heated Argument During Instgram Live

While we're not sure exactly what started the argument between DaBaby and DaniLeigh, things quickly got ugly and messy while on instgram live.

The video that was initially circulating was a clip of the tail end of the argument between the two in which Dani is seen feeding their three month old baby while DaBaby filmed her while he was live from her account and she was not happy about it. The live ended shortly after they exchange some fighting words exposing one another... check out the video:

DaBaby then quickly posted a message from his account explaining his side of things. Swipe to read his statement...

DaniLeigh waisted no time in returning to her IG Live to explain what she says "is really going on."

During her live she is seen walking around the home as she shouts that she and her 3-month-old baby were being kicked out of DaBaby's home for no reason. According to her, he called the police on her and they can be seen in the background of her live stream.

She went on to explain that he showed up to his home and walked in on her while she was sleeping in his bed (according to her for the past 3 months now) and told her she had to go...

After calming down a bit, she calmly and emotionally explains her side of the story and how they have been together on the low since giving birth to their baby. Peep the rest of the clips below:

UPDATE: DaBaby continues to not only belittle the mother of their child, DaniLeigh, but also humiliate on social media while on Instagram live.(swipe to watch all clips)....

Eventually when things simmer down, DaBaby decides to share a video of his baby girl. This was the first time their daughter has ever been seen by the public. Needless to say, Dani was not happy about this.

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