Mother Goes Into Labor & Delivers Baby and It Was Captured on Ring Doorbell

You see all kinds of crazy stuff on videos from Ring doorbell cameras, but childbirth has to be one of the craziest.

Emily Johnson of Vacaville, California, had planned to have her second baby in a hospital with painkillers. But when she went into labor earlier this month, she figured she had plenty of time to wait, since her contractions were 10 minutes apart.

Then all of a sudden, things sped up -- and the contractions were just three minutes apart. So her husband, Mike, ran to put her things in the car for the quick trip to the hospital. Emily went out the front door, but she wasn't able to get into the car -- so she and her mother set up camp right in the front yard.

Thomas Alan Johnson was born just two minutes after EMTs arrived -- and the home's Ring doorbell cam caught the whole thing.

The birth announcement on Facebook said, "Thomas is here and there is Ring footage." (Good Morning America)

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