IG Model Is Looking To Sue Drake For Putting Hot Sauce In The Condom?

There are various reports online stating that an instagram model and drake had hit it off on social media and started DMing one another. They eventually skipped to the good part and met up at a party where they later went back Drizzy's hotel room for some boom boom. According to reports, Drake was very clear about ensuring that their encounter was consensual.

After they got done in the sheets, Drake went to the bathroom to dispose of the condom they had used. This is where things got weird. The model reportedly used the bathroom after Drake and the attempted to pour the contents of the condom into her vagina.

She immediately experienced a burning sensation and started to scream, causing Drake to run to the bathroom to see what was going on. He then told the model that he poured hot sauce from a packet into the rubber to try and kill the sperm.

If this story is true, Drake is a genius! and This model...well, a damn idiot. SHE REALLY TRIED IT! LOL It's the fact that she's really trying to sue when clearly she's in the wrong, for me!

Social media is getting a kick out of this story and I love the entertainment lol Like this reenactment right here has me weak!

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