Kanye Caught Spazzing Out On People Who Didn't Respect His "No" Last Night

Kanye West is accused of battery after an altercation early this morning.

I wanna preference this by giving my opinion first. In my opinion the fan and paps are in the wrong here!

One thing about most fans is that they don't know how to respect BOUNDARIES when it comes to celebrities. Aside of the fact that it was 3am in the morning, he politely explained that he had a lot going on right now and declined photos and autographs. In that moment he deserves to be left alone immediately. Us regular folks would want that respect and celebrities have a right to that same respect as well.

According to reports Ye allegedly punched a fan after a verbal argument in downtown Los Angeles around three in the morning. Sources say Ye pushed and punched a man, which would be considered a misdemeanor battery. If convicted, he faces up to six months behind bars. 

Fox 11 reports that Ye pushed the fan to the ground after being asked for an autograph.

With that being said, we DON'T really know what happened prior to what we saw in the video so therefore it is unfair to portray the fan as the victim in this case. I'm not taking sides, I'm just making sure we are being fair. The only way we would know the full truth is if cameras were rolling during the initial conversation.

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