New Course At San Diego University Is All About Removing Trump From Office

Could this be coming to Fresno State next? Students at San Diego State University will be able to take a new course in March about removing President Trump from the Oval Office. According to Fox News, the class is called “Trump: Impeachment, Removal or Conviction?” and will be taught by professor John Joseph Cleary.

The class will explore the ways in which Trump can be impeached or removed using the 25th Amendment. The course description says  students will study past "presidential impeachments, including Nixon's  de facto impeachment" and explore the "practically limitless grounds for  impeachment." 

Students will be required to read The Case for Impeachment  by Allan Lichtman as part of the class. In the book, Lichtman "lays out  the reasons Congress could remove Trump from the Oval Office."

The one-unit class will cost $221 per student and will last for 8 days, running from March 2nd to March 10th. 

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