Tyga "Posts Picture That Implies He's The Father of Kylie Jenner Baby"

Things got a little suspiciously messy with just a baby picture. Tyga and Kylie Jenner's relationship has been a trending topic before they even officially went public. Their breakup got just as much publicity, but  her new relationship with Travis Scott got a lot of heads turning.


Starr Light on You Tube says, "I ain't Maury but that baby does favor him however I definetly think  it's time 4 Travis 2 get a DNA test! I think she tryna save face because  the kids will be some kind of sister cousin type hillbilly sh!t &  Kris can't handle that ruining their name. I do believe this is Tyga  baby. It's sad she whn she would rather look like a hoe because that  mean he smashed RAW as soon as they start fuckin then 2 just admit she  was wrong with f#*kin with blac chyna dude in the 1st! SN: Lil bruh had  BARZ!"



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