Virginia Tech Women's Lacrosse Team Sings The "N" Word


Virginia Tech women's lacrosse coach John Sung told Mark Berman The  Roanoke Times his team is "trying to do what's right" after a video  showing members of the team chanting the N-word was released.

In the  video, members of the team can be heard saying the N-word while singing  along to the song "Freaky Friday" by rapper Lil Dicky, featuring Chris  Brown.The video is 13 seconds and was originally posted on Snapchat by  one of the members of the team before being uploaded to YouTube  Sunday.

"This isn’t something that we sweep under the rug," Sung told The  Roanoke Times."The team is extremely sorry.They’re trying to make it  right.And I know that we’ll never make it right with anybody, but … this  is a moment that defines this program but yet a moment that will help  this program be better."Sung added that "this is a teachable moment" and  "there is no malice involved," explaining "they're good kids that made a  bad decision."

What are your thoughts? Here is the Freaky Friday video BELOW: 



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