Blac Chyna Gets Violent at Six Flags


Why Blac Chyna out here trying to fight at Six Flags on Easter?  It's no April Fool's joke. Yesterday, Chyna got mad and came at someone  with a baby stroller and toys! 

The good thing is that some  friends stopped her from making a huge mistake in front of strangers on  Easter, but there are clips of what happened that will live on past the  holiday for everyone to see. 

In the first clip, you can see Chyna  throwing off her coat and arguing with someone then attempting to hurl a  stroller at them before she's stopped. 

In the second clip, Chyna  seems to be calm again, but then when her friends turn around she grabs  the stroller again looking for more action! 

Sheesh! Her security stepped in to stop her from doing something she'd regret



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