Couple Mocks Struggling Mom At Walmart BUT That’s When A Stranger Steps In

Couple Mocks Struggling Mom At Walmart. That’s When A Stranger Steps In. You would think that most people watching a young mom with five kids struggle in the checkout line at Walmart would show some compassion and maybe even offer to help, but unfortunately people don’t always act the way we hope they would. 

Lindsay Rae was in line to check out at Walmart when she noticed a scene  that broke her heart. In front of her was a woman trying to wrangle five kids as she unloaded  her cart onto the conveyor belt. Lindsay herself is a mom of nine – two biological and seven adopted – so  the scene was a familiar one to her. What happened in line behind her,  though, caught her off guard. A well-dressed couple who were also waiting in line began to loudly  whisper rude comments about the struggling mom.



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