California's favorite Pixar movie is 'Coco,' Study Says

According to the data gathered, Finding Dory was the most popular  movie in 17 states and was eight times more popular than its  predecessor, Finding Nemo. And that's not just with this movie pair.

Data also showed that every Pixar sequel was statistically just as popular as the original, if not more popular, reported

There  was a seven way tie for Utah's favorite Pixar movie: Cars 3, A Bug's  Life, Brave, Inside Out, Monsters, Inc., The Incredibles, and Up.

Some  cultural and geographical influences were seemingly present in the  study, as well. Coco -- a movie inspired by the Mexican holiday Día de  los Muertos-- was the favorite Pixar movie in only one state:  California, which has the largest Hispanic population of any state in  America, according to the Pew Research Center.

USA TODAY also released its own rankings of the top Pixar movies in light of the release of Incredibles 2. 

Do these results match your favorites?



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