No Way!!! Drunk Woman Bites Victims Nose Off & Swallows It!

A drunk Texas woman was arrested and accused of biting off a large piece of an acquaintance's nose and then swallowing it. Jessica Collins, 41, is charged with assault-bodily injury.

The woman whom Collins' is accused of attacking said that she's afraid to leave her bedroom. 

"It's where I feel safe," said the victim, a woman we are identifying as "Tatiana."

Tatiana  says she went out to a bar with her next-door neighbor and Collins, who  was temporarily staying with the neighbor. When they returned to her  home after the bar, Collins demanded more alcohol and cigarettes.  Tatiana says when she told Collins to leave her property, the woman  jumped on her and pulled her to the ground by her hair, & bit off a  large piece of Tatiana's nose and swallowed it!



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