Urban Outfitters: Selling A Wine Holder For Your Shower


Have you ever wanted to take an evening shower but also bring  some wine with you? Now you can because Urban Outfitters is selling a  wine holder for your shower! 

The  Sipski Shower Wine Glass Holder is an ingenious tool created to keep  your glass steady in the shower. Robin's egg blue or light grey  waterproof silicone sticks to the tile on the wall of your shower or  bath, and holds your glass of wine steady in between sips. The material  is food-safe and dishwasher-safe for an easy cleanup. Though, since  you're already using it in the shower, maybe you could just clean it  right there. It's the same logic behind the saying "save water, shower  together," but in this case the other person is your Sipski.

It is only $15! And if you aren't a wine person, they make it for beer too! Pretty genius if you ask me!



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