'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' TV special of bullying, bigotry

It's a Christmas classic families gather to watch together every  season. But this year, fans are taking the classic, 'Rudolph The  Red-Nosed Reindeer,' to task.

A video shared by the Huffington Post points out some of the issues viewers say they have with the story.


For  example, Rudolph's father 'Donner' 'verbally abusing' him for his shiny  red nose and trying to cover it up. Santa didn't escape viewers' scorn.  He's mentioned in the video for berating Donner for his son's nose,  "Donner, you should be ashamed of yourself," Santa yells in the cartoon.

We  all remember the scene when Rudolph shows up for the Reindeer games.  However, the video points out the coach bullies Rudolph by tellings his  peers, "from now on gang, we won't let Rudolph join in any reindeer  games, right?"

The video touches on several different scenes  calling Clarice's father a bigot and says Hermey the elf was isolated  for wanting to be a dentist.

One of the voice actors for the movie, Corinne Conley, who was the voice for the doll Sue, is fighting back. In a video interview with TMZ, Conley said "surely  people wouldn't love it so much if it left a resonance of bullying."  Conley went on to say she can't imagine how anyone could be affected in a  negative way by the cartoon, saying those who are, "must be like  Scrooge."




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