Disneyland's Mickey-Shaped Ice Cream Bars Are Coming To Grocery Stores

One of the most popular treats you can eat in Walt Disney World  and Disneyland is about to get away more accessible for fans of the  theme parks. The iconic chocolate-covered Mickey-shaped ice cream bars will soon be available in grocery stores near you. 

According  to NestlĂ©, the company will be bringing the magical treats, which until  now have only been available in the parks in Florida and California, to  grocery stores "in the coming months" in honor of Mickey Mouse's recent  90th birthday. Talk about the perfect way to celebrate! 

The popular Instagram account Disney Food Blog  shared the news, as well, informing fans the treats will be available  in local grocery stores across the country starting in February 2019.  "Thanks to the main mouse turning 90, we may get to have Mickey Premium  Bars at home. In February 2019 you may start seeing these little  beauties show up in your grocer’s freezer," the post said. 


Not much else is known about when or where these delectable  delights will drop, so, we'll have to keep our eyes and ears out for  more information as February gets closer. 

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