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Fans Question Whether Kendall Knows How To Cut a Cucumber After Viral Clip

On the latest episode of the Hulu series, The Kardashian's Kendall Jenner freaks fans out.

She goes over to her mom's house and like most of us, she goes in her mom's fridge to grab herself something to eat

She opts for cucumbers and hummus.

Her mom, clearly knowing her child, offers Kendall help; Kendall opts to do it herself.

She proceeds to cut the cucumbers but has her hands crossed over each other so it looks like a recipe for someone to cut their finger.

Kendall realizes how crazy this all looks specifically tells the camera person not to zoom in on her hands.

Social media, never one to miss a beat, wrote, watching Kendall Jenner cut a cucumber is one of the most painful things I've ever seen

What is something everyone else can do with ease but you can't?

Photo: Getty Images

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