Sacramento Catholic School Expels 3 Boys For Their Mom's OnlyFans Account!

A catholic school in Sacramento, CA is getting criticized after they expelled 3 little boys ages 8, 10, and 12, from school because their mom had an OnlyFans account!

Apparently a dad found the account, and a group of angry mothers started harassing the OnlyFans mom..even going as far as printing out pictures she posted onto her account and sending them to the school saying how disgusted they were and they wanted her out. The mom, 44 year old Crystal Jackson, wrote a letter to the school saying she never promoted her OnlyFans pages, never talked about it..even made it under a different name! The school never responded, removed her as class mom from her son's 2nd grade class, and following that..expelled the boys from the school.

Honestly..the pictures are not even that bad!

She never expected her OnlyFans to take off the way it did and she just wanted to feel sexy again. Her husband takes her pictures..and surprisingly..the "girl next door" "mom in lingerie" look does really well! Crystal brings in about $150k A MONTH with her OnlyFans.

People think her kids shouldn't be punished for their mom's account..and the school is wrong for expelling them!

Photo: Getty