Children Being Separated From Their Parents!!!

I'm sure you have read about what's going on. Children are being ripped away from their families while trying to illegally cross the border. Yes, I said illegally because I KNOW they are crossing illegally, but heart hurts for these poor innocent children.

Here are some important fact I have read during my research. My sources are abc action news, CNN and Fox News.

Back in May, President Trump announced a new policy saying authorities would criminally prosecute anyone who crosses the border illegally. While the adults are facing prosecution they are taken to prisons where the children can not go. 

Even though this has been going on through out time, more children are being separated from their parents after Trump's "Zero Tolerance" Policy.

Federal Authorities have separated around 2,000 children from their parents at the border.

While hoping that this would stop families from illegally trying to cross the border, it is said that there was actually a 5% increase.

Most of the children are taken to facilities run by the Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Refugee Resettlement, there are almost 12,000 children in these "camps"

Are you wondering how the parents and children find each other again? Well the parents are given a toll free number to get help to find their children but apparently that is not working out too well.

Now, can you imagine going through this?  Look, I know entering the country is illegal and I hope that these families really see what is happening to their families and maybe change their mind about the risk, but there HAS got to be a better way then to lock up innocent babies away from all they know. 

This is about the children, at least allow the mom to be with the child. This is traumatizing for these poor innocent's not right. The parents just want a better life for their families and this is what it is resulting's just sad.

I'm not saying let anyone in the county, I know that can't happen. My concern is the well being of these babies....... My heart hurts when I see them crying after being taken from their parents.....Could you imagine being ripped apart from your kids?

How can we help? What do you think.  I HATE to see these kids suffer.



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