Daycare Provider Who Hanged Toddler Sentenced

The woman who was accused of attempting to lynch a toddler who attended her daycare in her basement, and hitting two pedestrians with her van before attempting to jump over a bridge, was just sentenced to 10 years probation! The woman's attorney argued that she was a victim of domestic abuse and all of her actions were a result of mental illness aggravated by the abuse of her husband.


The woman had the support of nearly every parent of a child at her daycare whom all believed Natalia needed mental health not jail. The mother of the toddler Natalia tried to hang did request the judge give Natalia prison time for her actions. 

Natalia was allegedly suffering from mental illness and was suicidal the week prior to the lynching incident.

Now that Natalia has been sentenced to 10-years probation, citizens are speaking out online outraged she only got probation. 

Shaun King wrote ;

White privilege at work. White woman literally hung a toddler with a noose in her basement daycare. To kill him.Then ran over two men in her van. Guilty of attempted murder. Judge gave her PROBATION. That's it. Yeah, really. I have friends in PRISON for selling weed.

Rihanna responded to the post simply writing: "WHAT THE F*CK?!!!"

Many people locally are reminded of the Stanford Rapist whom was only sentenced to 6 months in jail, 3 of which he served, after being caught raping a woman behind a dumpster in Palo Alto.

Others are pointing out the woman who got sentenced to 5 years in prison for accidentally illegally voting.

What are your thoughts, does Shaun King have a point?



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