Study Shows How Many Steps It Takes To Work Off Candy Bars

Let's face it! We all have a favorite candy bar that we like to indulge on from time to time. Some of us from day to day lol.... Well, let me just ruin it for you and tell you how many steps you need to walk in order to work those dang candy bars off!!!

A recent study revealed the exact number of steps needed to walk off certain candy bars. Keep in mind, the average person walks between 5,000 to 7,000 steps a day. 

Here are the steps to calorie ratio: 

  • Twix caramel - 284.5 calories, 8,891 steps
  • Snickers - 273 calories, 8,531 steps
  • M&Ms Peanut - 242.5 calories, 7,578 steps
  • M&Ms Plain - 236 calories, 7,375 steps
  • Almond Joy - 232 calories, 7,250 steps
  • Kit Kat - 220.5 calories, 6,891 steps

 Damn................ about to get a Twix right now!!!  -_-



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