9 Year Old Commits Suicide After Being Bullied At School

I am sick to my stomach. I am tired of reading stories such as this one. How heartbreaking! A young child with his whole future ahead of him has killed himself because of the punk ass bullies at his school!  Who are these kids? How is it that they are so comfortable with bullying other kids? Where is the fear? Do they not have fear of the consequences on both sides? I do not understand. Are the parents to blame?  I would think so. It is the responsibility of the parents to install morals and respect in their children. Who do we blame? Do teachers need to step up also? Do they need to threaten the children in class by telling them that bullying WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and there is NO SECOND CHANCES?  Would that install some fear in these kids? I wish I had the answers. This poor child is gone to soon and I can only imagine what the mother is going through. My prayers going out to her..... I don't even know what else to say. I am so mad that I think I might say some hurtful things so I'll stop while I'm ahead of myself. Please do your part in making this world a better place. xoxo 

R.I.P Baby Boy!



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