$5 store coming to Fashion Fair!

There is a new store coming to Fashion Fair mall right where "Charming Charlies" used to be. The reason you should be so excited is because everything is $5 or less!!! Yes you read that right! lol

It is a store aimed at Pre-teens and teens but hell you best believe I will be up in there to see what kind of deal I can get on something that I don't need lol

The store is called "Five Below" so make sure you go check it out. It is said to have items that are new and trendy including leggings, headphones, sunblock and school supplies.

The stores have eight categories: Style, room, play, tech, create, party, candy and new and now.

There is also one opening up in the river park area by the movie theaters and then one by Shaw and 00.

No opening date set yet, I'll keep you posted!!



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