Sorry! No more chicken sandwiches from Popeyes!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but...... apparently Popeye's is removing the famous chicken sandwich that you all have been going crazy for from their menu!!

They released a statement blaming the "extraordinary demand" for their chain selling out of the sandwiches in only two weeks.

The sandwich made is debut on August 12th and has been in demand ever since. People were waiting in hour long lines for the $3.99 sandwich.

I think the stores got overwhelmed and are only removing it temporarily. I heard they will bring it back once the hype dies down. Honestly, I would keep selling the sandwich if I was the store owner, why would you want to loose that money? Just make sure you are properly stocked!!! Geeeze!!!

Don't be too sad! lol (You can always find them on sale on ebay or amazon smh, yes! People are selling the sandwiches for more online! lol )



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