New Show Exposes Opioid Crisis & Drug Dealers In San Francisco's Tenderloin

The infamous Stanley Roberts is back! This time, instead of reporting on sideshows Stanley Roberts returns to the Bay Area with a new series going undercover in San Francisco's Tenderloin to expose the drug dealers and abusers in a Youtube series called "Gotham By the Bay."

In the first introduction episode, Roberts was shows how shockingly easy it was to find an alleged drug dealer whom had Fentanyl for sale. He goes on to show drug deals happening in broad daylight. Roberts was even able to interview a few alleged drug dealers about the products they have and the going rates.

"Gotham By the Bay." is a 4-part series focusing on issues San Francisco is facing. The 2nd episode focuses primarily on the opioid crisis in San Francisco (a.k.a. Gotham By The Bay). Roberts looks at the people involved in selling heroin, meth, crack cocaine, and fentanyl. Roberts investigates how despite multiple arrests and seizures, they are still on the streets. In 2020 approx. 5 kilos of fentanyl was seized in San Francisco, but in 2021 it has jumped to 19 kilos — or almost 42 pounds — a significant jump.

Roberts then exposes a major issue with people transporting large quantities of the drugs through the Bay Area Rapid Transit also known as BART. He calls these people the "Backpack Brigade." Fentanyl is such a dangerous drug that one grain the size of sand could be fatal.

The series is a shocker to watch. Check out the 2nd episode below and let me know what you think the comments!

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