SF City Attorney Investigating Potentially Unlicensed COVID Testing Company

Those Covid-19 testing tents around San Francisco may not be what you think! San Francisco City Attorney David Chiu announced Tuesday his office is investigating a local COVID testing operator that could be working in the city without a license! Chiu is concerned the possibly unlicensed company is looking to make a quick buck off providing unlicensed Covid-19 test.

Chiu’s office stated they received reports of Community Wellness America, Inc. possibly operating without a license on Jan. 5. The company held testing sites near Golden Gate Park and Dolores Park and other areas in San Francisco. When they were asked for their license, those pop-up testing sites were unable to produce valid, up-to-date Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) licenses, according to reports.

The company had another pop-up testing site on the corner of Dolores and 18th Streets on Monday. By the next day Tuesday, that site was gone and the company was under investigation by the city.

This raises concerns for those who may have tested at these pop up locations disclosing personal information to a company which may not be legal.

You can find a list of verified San Francisco Covid testing sites here!

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