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Surveillance Video Shows Taco Bell Worker Throw Boiling Water On Customer!

According to a recently filed lawsuit, a Taco Bell manager allegedly threw boiling hot water on two customers who complained that the restaurant messed up their order, sending them to the hospital with severe burns.

Plaintiffs Brittany Davis and her niece C.T., a minor, allege in their $1 million lawsuit that they went to a drive-through Taco Bell in Dallas and placed a $31 order, but they didn't receive what they ordered.

They went through the drive-through twice more to try to fix the problem, but the employee was having none of it.

The fast food restaurant was already closed when the pair allegedly parked their car and entered the store. They entered after a worker unlocked the door.

Before the manager arrived, carrying a bucket of scalding hot water, one of the employees is said to have challenged C.T. to a fight when the two sought to have their order fixed.

The manager then allegedly threw hot water in C.T.'s face, which splashed on both plaintiffs', according to the lawsuit filed on July 13 by renowned civil rights lawyer Ben Crump.

Fortunately, the two were able to get away before they were attacked once more by Taco Bell employees, who laughed and applauded as they drove away, according to the lawsuit.

According to Davis, she sustained severe burns to her stomach and chest in addition to brain damage that led to at least 10 seizures. According to C.T., she suffered burns to her face, chest, legs, arms, and stomach that left scarring and discoloration.

Dallas Police Department is looking into the incident, which happened on June 17.

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