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‘3LW’ Member Kiely Williams Admits She Hooked Up With Three Members Of B2K

Second Annual Artists Grammy Brunch

Photo: Getty Images North America

Keily Williams doubles down on her claim she dated multiple B2K members, but not "Omarion.

During an interview with Carlos King, she was asked about dating Raz B. That's when Williams stated "Date is a loose word." She went on to define the experience as an "entanglement, with all three of them."

Williams claims that during her 3LW days she was out there "Thotting" and dated 3 members of B2K at the same time "only one time."

“I’m grown, I can admit it. Everybody has their hoe days. Let them have ’em! We’ll look back on them days when we’re older and be like, ‘Yeah. I was out there thot, thot, thottin’,” she said.

When detailing the experience with multiple band members, she said “That’s only a one-time thing. Look, everybody has to make mistakes.”

Fans got a hold of the interview and had a lot to say. Check out reactions below.

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