Want A 6 Pack? This Hospital Sells 'Instant 6 Pack' Abs!

BANGKOK (Web Desk) –Masterpiece Hospital in Bangkok offers an instant six pack plastic surgery for people who are lazy to work out.

Plastic surgeries are mostly familiar with nose jobs, breast augmentation and double eyelid surgery however a hospital in Thailand providing summer body for people.

In an interview with Coconuts Thailand, Masterpiece Hospital chief executive officer and surgeon Raweewat “Sae” Maschamadol shared that they receive between 20 and 30 customers each year asking for six-pack surgery.

This creates a more natural and long-lasting appearance as opposed to fillers, said Raweewat.

While the surgeon claims that the surgery is painless, the recovery process is definitely not a pretty sight.

The bandages that mark the outline of the surgery, however, are merely soaking up blood from where the fat was removed.

Nearly all patients who have the surgery, Raweewat said, are actually fitness buffs who have trouble reaching their physical goals.

One happy customer is model Ome Pangpaparn.

Despite working out regularly, he was not able to lose the fat around his abdomen area, Ome wrote in an online review.

Frustrated by the lack of progress, he turned to plastic surgery to get the abs he had always wanted.

Revealing photos of his past self, Ome did not shy away from the fact that his good looks were achieved through plastic surgery.

He added, “I do what I can. But in the parts I can’t, I leave it up to the doctor.

“I am confident that it will bring me more happiness.” He told media.

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Vanessa J

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