Wendy Williams Spotted With Her New Man!

Turns out, Wendy's mystery man is the same guy who was riding with her Sunday night, when a photogcaught up with themat Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles. He's in his late 20s, and doesn't have any kids.

As you know ... Wendy's dealing witha lot of family drama, she'sin the middle of divorcinghusbandKevin Hunterand her sonrecently got arrestedfor punching his dad. We're told Wendy's feeling vulnerable right now, and being with someone new is making her feel better about herself. 

Wendy's already showing him off on social media, posting a pic of them holding hands with some interesting hashtags ... #oldenoughtobeyourmother, #verysexyman and #mynewlife

Vanessa J

Vanessa J

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