Lemonade Stands Are Illegal?! Country Time Helps Kids Pay Fines!

Unlicensed lemonade stands are legal in only 14 states — who knew?

So if you had plans to help your young entrepreneur set up their first business this summer outside of California, Colorado, Connecticut, Nevada, North Dakota, New York, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Louisiana, Rhode Island or Vermont, you could face legal trouble. 

The lemonade mix company Country Time says it's stepping in to help. On Friday, the company launched an initiative to cover any fees you get from not having a permit. 

Called Country Time Legal-Ade, the company vows to help kids keep their lemonade stands open for business this summer by giving parents an option to apply for reimbursement. To apply, you have to upload a picture of your kid's permit or fine with a note detailing what your kid's lemonade stand means to them. 

Leave these kids alone and let me enjoy my lemonade!

Vanessa J

Vanessa J

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