What Should I Watch?! Study Shows Too Many Options Causing 'Paralaysis!'

  • The proliferation of streaming services has led to a 'paralysis' among consumers who appear to have difficulty dealing with too much choice
  • Nielsen's latest Total Audience Report states only a third of viewers bother to browse the menu of a streaming service to find content to watch
  • 21% say eventually give up watching if they are not able to make up their minds
  • 58% of viewers also say they're more likely to switch back to their favorite cable TV channels if they're unable to make a choice about what to watch

Too much choice can be a bad thing - and when it comes to viewing habits, 'streaming overload' is making it harder than ever for viewers to pick what they want to watch.  Total Audience Report found that the average TV viewer takes seven minutes to make a choice.

I have to admit- once I get the chance to relax and watch TV, it takes me a GOOD MINUTE to actually find something to watch. I look for recommendations online, and then just end up playing some game/go on social media. Maybe 'too many choices' is a bad thing?!

Xo, Vanessa J

Vanessa J

Vanessa J

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