Walmart Employee Helps 100+ Escape In El Paso Shooting

Gilbert Serna, a CAP Team supervisor at the Walmart in El Paso near the Cielo Vita Mall, was at work around 11 a.m. on Saturday, as the 21-year-old suspect allegedly opened fire in the store, initially killing at least 20 and injuring another 27. Two of the injured died Monday.

“I’ve been trained the customers come first, so I needed to get them to safety,” Serna told KFOX14.

Serna, 36, said he was familiar with the sound of gunshots after watching "numerous videos." When gunfire first broke out, he immediately recognized the sound was gunshots and that he needed to spring into action, describing to KFOX14 what he did next.

“I told her, I am going to throw everyone in a container, so I opened the shipping containers outside the store and threw the customers in there and was at the fire exit waiting for more to come out,” he said.

Serna, who has worked for 18 years at the Walmart store, said he believes he helped over 100 people inside get to safety amid the shooting. The Walmart was near capacity at the time of the shooting, with hundreds of shoppers inside along with 100 employees during the busy back-to-school shopping season.

Vanessa J

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