Middle Schoolers Reveal Sad Details About Their Life In Class Exercise

A middle school teacher in Oklahoma has given her students a very valuable lesson.

Karen Loewe asked her seventh and eighth graders to write down some of the things they were struggling with in their lives — and then leave it in a bag at the door.

She read some of their anonymous notes aloud so that the other students were aware of what all their classmates were dealing with.

Things like abuse, divorce, suicide, deaths and drugs.

Loewe plans to keep the bag hanging outside the door for the rest of the school year to remind students not to dwell on the negative.

"The leave-it-at-the-door means like, 'Don't let that past define you. ... It happened. It made you who you are, but don't dwell on it forever and ever. You've got to move past it," Loewe said.

A post about the baggage activity got thousands of shares on social media.

But Loewe says what's most important is that her kids learned not to judge others because you never know what someone else is going through.

Vanessa J

Vanessa J

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