Rihanna's ex-accountant, who she recently sued for $9 million, wants the case throne out. 

In response to Rihanna's lawsuit filed in February, accountant Peter Gounis claims he was hired to record and manage RiRi's financial accounts -- not give here spending advice. 

Gounis insists the reason Rihanna had to file bankruptcy was  due to her frequent shopping sprees for designer clothing, shoes, and jewelry, along with throwing lavish parties for herself. Gounis also suggests the fact that Ri bailed on an pricy tour to film Battleships, which turned out to be a bust, was also a major factor in lost funds. 

He also said that he never directed Rihanna to buy a dilapidated house saying, "Was it really necessary to tell her that if you spend money for things you will end up with the things, and not the money?"


Does her ex-accountant have a point here? Or is RiRi in the right? One thing is for sure we have seen this in show business before. Stop Hammer Time.....